It Only Takes One Hand To Get The Job Done Right.

A complete Pissinator kit comes with everything you will need including temperature indicator, organic heat pads, 4 oz reservoir with strap, refill pump, and detailed instructions for only $99.95!

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What is the Pissinator?

The Pissinator is a sterile and ultra hygienic strap-on wet sex simulator. It is realistic in appearance and function with the folds, texture, and flexibility of an actual circumcised and flaccid penis. It is also anatomically correct in scale so as not to appear erect. The Pissinator is the perfect solution for anyone seeking an ultra realistic look as well as experience.

How is the Pissinator used?

There's no need to fumble around with clumsy on/off clamps. All that's necessary to start the flow of fluid is a gentle pinch on the Pissinator's shaft. When you're ready to stop the flow of fluid, simply stop pinching. Most importantly, it's all done with only one hand.

The Pissinator uses a remote mounted reservoir bag. It is mounted in your armpit area and is held in place via a small, thin, discreet, elastic strap. The design of the reservoir bag allows it to be worn in the armpit area comfortably for as long as you desire.  Mounting the reservoir bag in your armpit area allows you to squeeze on the reservoir bag and produce a stronger, more realistic flow of fluid.

Whether you squeeze the reservoir bag or not, the flow rate from the Pissinator is excellent and you can mount the reservoir bag in any location that is comfortable for you.

Buy your Pissinator now for only $99.95.

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